The Plug Sports Connection was created by freelance sports journalist Brittany Bowyer in hopes of shaking up the current sports journalism scene in Arizona. There’s a ton of good platforms out there to retrieve news from, and because of their success, they’re sometimes hesitant to stray from the societal norms and take a chance on who they’ll publish.

It can be hard when journalists are just looking to get started for this reason, and if you aren’t a solid freelancer, it can be hard to get steady work to continue building a resume. Ranging from working on video packages to consistently creating content for social media or writing articles, all of them are vital to journalists and their success because it helps them grow.

Brittany realized that by providing them a platform to publish their work on would be beneficial to both the journalists and the readers, which is why she decided to go for it.

As the saying goes, “be the change you want to see in the world,” which is what Brittany had it mind when creating this platform. Not only will it provide journalists with a consistent place to post their content, but it will be a chance for them to continue molding their journalistic identity and grow a following. It will provide an opportunity to those who may often times get overlooked for an internship or a job. It will assist with telling a number of stories that may otherwise go untold, and it will most certainly help create better journalists for the future.

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