A Tribute to Kobe “Bean” Bryant

A Tribute to Kobe “Bean” Bryant

Mamma there goes that man. 

Kobe “The black Mamba” is his name. 

Momma there goes that man.

On to the next life, basketball may never be the same. 

Momma there goes that man. 

Soaring through the skies

Momma there goes that man

As tears roll down my eyes 

I crumpled up a paper and toss it yelling “Kobe” this one makes it into the trash can. It’s my tenth one as I can’t really find my words. It’s fitting that the first thing I’d write about is Kobe Bryant. It’s been hard to find the words without rambling or crying or even making sense. I was born to be a Lakers Fan. That’s the first sports team I have memories of rooting for, of watching. I was born to bleed the purple and gold. Kobe became my entire childhood. I can tell you where I was every defining moment in his career because he was that polarizing. My best memories with my own father were built around Kobe. The championships we got to watch them win together. The game winners we got to watch him hit. The hopes we watched him destroy. And the hopes he gave to people all around the world. We all know how much he meant to basketball and the world and instead of rattling off all his achievements and telling stories this is my tribute to the man who my life will forever be changed by. 

Dear Kobe, 

The greatest to ever wear purple and gold.

The kid from philly, who we all watched starting at 17 years old.  

You made us all marvel at your skill

Your entire career scoring at will

5 NBA championships, 81 points, countless awards, an MVP

The list goes on, but every time you tied the lace

Jordan became the only one would chase

Chasing till you became a retiree and finished your own legacy

Then you hung 8 and 24 in the rafters

And we all wondered what life for you would hold after. 

A different animal but the same beast

Life after ball would be no different than defenders on which you would feast. 

You just started to live your life

After 20 years of dedication getting to be with your kids and wife. 

You won an Oscar with the same will you had on the court

You were going to let nothing stop you short. 

You became a mentor for all. 

Something that extended much farther than basketball. 

You were a father of four

Four beautiful daughters in when we seen you together we would all adore. 

Especially Gigi

Who was going to Cary the torch

Like father like daughter defenses she would scorch 

She had your turn around fade down to a tee. 

Your last night you were both court side. 

As you were Watching lebron with great pride. 

Little did we know a record breaking night would turn to a devastating day. 

January 26th the world froze as many of us read our phones hoping it would go away. 

A devastating tragic ending for someone we all held so dear. 

A tragic ending for anyone that we all fear. 

Our hearts now filled with wholes. 

The world that day lost 9 beautiful souls. 

I just hope as you dribbled to heavens gates you heard the chants of MVP MVP MVP! 

May your legacies be forever, love The world

rest in piece to Kobe and GIGI. #Mamba #Mambacita

In loving memory and tribute to the greatest to ever do it and his beautiful daughter. -Evan 

“Reality gives nothing back nor should you” Kobe said this after tearing his Achilles. Instead of calling it quits or being mad at the world he just went back to work. Reality may never give us Kobe back,  but it can never take away the memories we have and the legacy he built. May that live on in each and every one of us. May we tell the people we hold dear most we love them every chance we get. May we live with the mamba mentality and outwork everyone in the room even if we are already the best. That’s what kobe did, it’s who he was and, may that be carried on forever.